Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a traffic safety initiative that takes a systems-based approach with the foundational understanding that no traffic-related loss of life is acceptable.

Vision Zero recognizes that people will make mistakes, so the road system and related policies should be designed to ensure those inevitable mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities. This means that system designers and policymakers are expected to improve the roadway environment, policies (such as speed management), and other related systems to lessen the severity of crashes. Learn more about Vision Zero here.

The City of Alexandria developed a comprehensive Vision Zero Action Plan in 2017 to achieve its goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2028. Alexandria strives to provide a traffic system that prioritizes safe transportation choices for all of our residents, employees and visitors. Learn about Vision Zero in the City of Alexandria here.

As a Vision Zero Coalition Partner, Alexandria BPAC has committed to working with City departments to be of assistance implementing Vision Zero action items where we can. We will be a resource to City staff and a bridge to the community we represent to reach our mutual goal of zero traffic fatalities and severe injuries.