Bike Rodeo Guide for a Sponsoring Organization

Sponsor requirements for a typical Bike Rodeo for 20 to 50 youth are provided below and can be tailored to your objectives and goals.

  • Set a date and a time that would include about 1½ to 2 hours for Rodeo operation, plus 30 minutes on each end for setup and take down.
  • Find and reserve a space of suitable size, typically a square or rectangular asphalt area of at least 30 meters x 40 meters (100 feet x 130 feet – think vacant parking lot or school playground hardtop).
  • Provide assurance that a minimum of about 20 youth riders would likely participate.
  • Provide a minimum of 8 volunteers to assist at Bike Rodeo Stations, including check-in and finish line treats.
  • Publicize the Rodeo, including instructions on what participants will need to bring (e.g. bicycle and helmet).
  • Provide a $250 donation to BPAC to cover costs, including liability insurance and donations to Phoenix Bikes and VeloCity Bicycle Cooperative.

Additional consideration: Most sponsors provide Finish line treats, e.g. healthy snacks and drinks.

Please contact our Bike Rodeo leaders, Eldon Boes ( and Casey Kane (, to tailor your Bike Rodeo event to your organization’s goals and objectives.

What BPAC and our Bike Shop Partners provide

  • Two or more bike mechanics to check and adjust bikes, including making minor repairs.
  • At least 6 more volunteers, possibly including one or two police officers, to help with registration, helmet checks, and bike station operations
  • All of the gear for setting up the rodeo, including tape, chalk, cones, markers, ramps, stop signs, etc.
  • Instructions for setup and operation of Bike Rodeo stations
  • Loaner bikes
  • Loaner helmets and/or helmets that can be purchased for $15 each.