Bike Rodeos

Bike Rodeos are events where youth advance their bicycle riding skills and safety practices while having fun riding through a series of rodeo stations.  Participant ages range from about 5 to 14.  A typical bike rodeo includes these stations:

  • Helmet fitting and bicycle checks
  • Starting and stopping drills
  • Scanning for stop signs, crosswalks, cars, pedestrians, and potential dangers while riding streets
  • Using hand signals for turning and stopping
  • Riding through slalom courses and figure eights
  • The dangers of driveways and intersections and how to navigate them
  • Riding over bumpy roads and ramps

Alexandria BPAC began organizing  Bike Rodeos in 2016, and we now conduct about 10 Bike Rodeos each year.  We team with Phoenix Bikes, the VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative and other local bike shops to lead Bicycle Rodeos for interested host groups such as Parent Teacher Associations, Scout troops, community event planners, and Homeowner Associations.  Bicycle mechanics from Phoenix and VéloCity check each participant’s bicycle, making adjustments and minor repairs to assure safe operations.  BPAC and host group  volunteers guide riders through each station, teaching them skills and safety practices.

The Alexandria BPAC/Phoenix/VéloCity team led a total of nine bike rodeos in 2019 with an average of about 40 riders per rodeo.  The hosts were

Mount Vernon and Cora Kelly PTAs          Douglas MacArthur PTA

Townes at Cameron Parke                              Alexandria Earth Day

Charles Barrett PTA                                            Samuel Tucker PTA

James K. Polk PTA                                                Matthew Maury PTA

City of Alexandria Complete Streets Program

If you would like to host a Bike Rodeo, please contact one of our Bike Rodeo leaders, Eldon Boes ( or Casey Kane (  Eldon and Casey will work with you to ensure that your Bike Rodeo event meets your organization’s goals and objectives.  Here is a Bike Rodeo Guide for a Sponsoring Organization.