About us

The Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that promotes walking and biking, and infrastructure and policy changes that create a safe, accessible, and livable city for all.

Our Vision

The City of Alexandria has a safe and connected network of streets, trails, and related facilities that are filled with people walking and biking.

 Guiding Principles

  • We believe that to create inclusive and safe active transportation, we must be honest, strategic, thoughtful, and respectful of all people in Alexandria.
  • We believe in proven, fact-based solutions that enable all people to walk and bike safely.
  • We believe that walking and biking are enjoyable, practical and healthy modes of transportation and recreation that result in a more livable community.
  • We believe that to effect change city-wide, we must diversify our membership, and create opportunities for members to meaningfully engage in our work.

 Who We Are

BPAC is compromised of local volunteers who engage hundreds of Alexandria residents and seek solutions to safe walking and biking issues on their behalf.

BPAC is governed by Articles of Incorporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia and officers who are elected each year at an Annual meeting. Current officers are

  • Ken Notis – Chair
  • Mary-Jane Roth – Vice Chair for Pedestrians
  • Zack DesJardins – Vice Chair for Bicyclists
  • Nicole Radshaw – Treasurer
  • Asa Orrin-Brown – Secretary

BPAC’s standing subcommittees are as follows:

  • Education – Randy Cole, Chair
  • Communications – Judith Fogel, Chair
  • Infrastructure – Noah Sepsenwol, Chair

BPAC voting members are individuals who are committed to BPAC’s mission, who demonstrate this commitment by regularly supporting BPAC events or activities or participating in a BPAC subcommittee, and whose conduct is in accordance with BPAC’s guiding principles. Privileges of membership include the right to vote during officer elections, to vote on other BPAC decisions, and to participate in BPAC’s members-only discussion group. All BPAC voting members must pay annual membership dues (currently $25), unless granted an exemption by the Chair based on personal circumstances. If you are interested in becoming a voting member, please talk to the Chair or a Vice Chair.

Other individuals who support BPAC’s mission are welcome to join as associate members. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

We welcome and encourage participation in our activities. Please join us in one of our online forums, attend one of our monthly meetings, or contact us here!


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