2022 Rides and Walks

We have some exciting rides and walks planned for 2022! If you have ideas for other rides and walks, please contact us.

Our March event was a walk on Saturday, March 26 to celebrate some of Alexandria’s women-owned businesses, in honor of Women’s History Month. A recap and a walk guide are available here.

We led two events in April. On Sunday, April 3, we organized a bike ride to visit green-certified buildings in Alexandria, in celebration of Earth Day. A recap and a ride guide are available here. On Wednesday, April 6, BPAC and GO Alex co-hosted a walk to celebrate National Walking Day. A recap is available here.

We had two events in May. On Friday, May 20, we helped at some of the Alexandria pitstop locations for Bike to Work Day. On Saturday, May 21, we led an Alexandria Transportation History Walk to discover how Alexandria’s history was shaped by different modes of transportation. A recap and a walk guide are available here.

Our June event was a Black History Ride, which took place on Sunday, June 26. The ride explored the courage, accomplishments, and contributions of Alexandria’s Black residents. A recap and ride guide are available here.

For July, we organized a presidential history walk on Monday, July 4. The walk took us to various sites in Old Town associated with U.S. Presidents. A recap and walk guide are available here.

On Saturday, August 27, BPAC partnered with the Alexandria Spokeswomen and Alexandria Celebrates Women for a ride to celebrate Women’s Equality Day. A recap and ride guide are available here.

Our September event was a Del Ray murals walk on Sunday, September 25. A walk guide is available here.

October brought our third annual Halloween ride on Saturday, October 29. See the recap here.

For December, we’ll be partnering with the Alexandria Spokeswomen for our twelfth annual holiday lights ride + walk on Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17. The ride will be at 6:00 p.m. each night, and the walk will be at 6:30 p.m. each night. Sign up for the ride here, or for the walk here.