BPAC volunteers help create a traffic garden

On Saturday, May 15, volunteers from BPAC and the Alexandria Spokeswomen painted a traffic garden at Ewald Park (4452 Duke Street). Five people painted miniature streets and roadways — complete with crosswalks, lane lines, yield markings, and directional arrows — on a beautiful spring day.

Traffic gardens are miniature street neighborhoods made up of child-sized streets so that kids can learn about roadways and traffic safety in a car-free environment. Children can practice walking, bicycling, and “driving” along roadways and through intersections and crossings, without having to worry about motor vehicles.

The Ewald Park traffic garden is a temporary installation, until the City makes planned improvements to the park in about two years. City staff planned the design, and BPAC donated paint and other supplies. 

BPAC members have also assisted with the development of the two other traffic gardens in Alexandria, the Mount Jefferson Traffic Garden in Del Ray and the traffic garden at Jones Point Park. 

Some photos from the design and painting of the Ewald Park traffic garden are below. A big thank you to the City staff and volunteers who made this happen!