BPAC organizes public art ride

On Saturday, September 19, BPAC organized another small-group ride to visit some of Alexandria’s public art. With staggered start times, masks, and other covid precautions, we admired some of the city’s new and interesting sculptures, statues, murals, fountains, and other public art.

After meeting up at Fort Ward, we rode to check out some new art on the West End, including “The Event” by David Smedley; talked about how artist MasPaz and youth from the Chirilagua neighborhood created the mural on the Tenants and Workers United building; learned more about the artist’s vision for “Three Eggs in Space” in Del Ray; stopped to admire the geodesic dome fountain by the USPTO; discussed how hard the sculptor worked on the faces for the “Edmonson Sisters” statue on Duke Street; and more.

Here are some photos from the ride:

A big thank you to all the BPAC volunteers who made the ride possible.

If you would like to do a self-guided version of the public art ride, a guide to the route and stops is available here.