BPAC hosts women’s history ride, with social distancing

Together with the Alexandria Spokeswomen and Alexandria Celebrates Women, BPAC organized its first group ride of 2020: a women’s history ride to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment.  Our ride took place on August 15, 2020, almost 100 years to the day after the ratification of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote (August 18, 1920).

Riding in small groups, with staggered start times and other covid precautions, we stopped at various places in Alexandria associated with the fight for women’s suffrage.  Highlights included the library named after notable social reformer and suffragist Kate Waller Barrett, the childhood home of suffragist Carolyn Hallowell Miller, and the site of a pivotal court hearing for suffragists arrested for picketing in front of the White House in November 1917.  We also learned about some of the trailblazing Alexandrian women who served in government or worked to improve the city, including Patsy Ticer, Alexandria’s first female mayor; Annie Rose, the grande dame of Black history in Alexandria; and Vola Lawson, Alexandria’s first female city manager.

Here are some photos from the ride:


ETA: We hosted an encore version of the ride on Sunday, August 23, for people who couldn’t make it to the original ride.  Some photos from the encore ride are below.

Thank you to all the BPAC volunteers who helped make the ride happen.

If you would like to do a self-guided version of the women’s history ride, a guide to the route and stops is available here.