Bike Mentoring Program: FAQs

by Josephine Liu
What is a bike mentoring program? This is a new initiative that matches less experienced riders with riders who have been biking in Alexandria for years. A mentor will work individually with each mentee to help achieve the mentee’s biking goals – whether that’s learning how to bike commute, getting comfortable biking to the farmers’ market, or figuring out how to bike safely to the nearest trail.

Why is BPAC launching this pro-gram? Alexandria has excellent bike trails, an expanding network of bike lanes, and many destinations that are easy to bike to. But for newer riders, figuring out how to bike to work or how to get safely from Point A to Point B can be intimidating. Also, with the upcoming summer Metro shutdown, now is the time to think ahead about bike commuting.

Who is this program for? Any Alexandria resident or worker who wants to try biking to work, as well as any-one who wants to become more comfortable doing recreational rides in and around Alexandria.

Who are the mentors? Experienced riders who bike all around the D.C. region. One mentor bike-commuted for over 50 years before retiring.

What can a mentor help with? The mentors are experts in things like planning a stress-free route, dealing with car traffic, and showing up to the office looking neat after a bike commute. Mentors will also ride with the mentees, to help mentees become more comfortable and confident.

How can I request a bike mentor? Go to Email for more information.