Who we are

The Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) promotes safer biking and walking  infrastructure in Alexandria, Virginia. Our activities include bike and pedestrian traffic counts, speaking at the City’s public meetings, working with local bike shops, and sponsoring a biking and walking clubs.

We seek to:

  • Provide citizen input in planning bicycle trails, bicycle parking and bicycle street access in Alexandria.
  • Promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, education, use, and awareness.
  • Inform the City Council, staff, and citizens about bicycling and pedestrian issues that affect the citizens of Alexandria.
  • Provide citizen input in the planning, review and implementation process of transportation projects in and around Alexandria.
  • Forge links with other citizen advisory committees and commissions in Alexandria, as well as in neighboring communities, that share issues common to bicycling and walking in Alexandria.
  • Work with the Alexandria city staff including the Principal Transportation Planner and the Complete Streets Coordinator  to achieve these goals.

We welcome and encourage participation from other engaged individuals!  Come to our monthly meetings and participate in one of our online forums or groups!